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Client Reviews

“Your presentation on the various and wonderful uses of drones, accessibility and early STEM education tied the lecture together quite nicely and highlighted the exciting future of drones.  Your passion for early education in the STEM field and the work you are doing through Women And Drones is inspiring and critical for encouraging our younger generation.”   Christopher – Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

“Sharon has been a participant of the Drones in the Heartland Conference at Heartland Community College since it began in 2017. Her presentations have always been very informative and well attended. Participants constantly comment on her knowledge of drones and applying them into education. We enjoy working with Sharon and hope to continue to for future speaking opportunities.” Lauren – Heartland Community College

“Women and Drones did a great job of engaging students and families, showing how anyone, especially girls, can be successful in technology-related activities and careers related to drones. Their enthusiasm and knowledge about drones was apparent and helped connect our audience to the exciting field of drones.”  Tasmyn – Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis

“Our summer readers were enthralled and engaged with this program on drones.  Of course, one of their favorite parts was having their picture taken by the drone.  We have those pictures posted at the library and lots of kids make sure their family members see them in the picture.  It was a great program for our first week of summer reading!”   Robin – Eureka Library

“Eye opening and Engaging! In a world where drones can be purchased from your local toy store and flown , Sharon’s program was very informative and opened our eyes to all aspects of drones.  From how the girls could fly them safely to what careers they can use their love of drones in.  The girls were very inquisitive and asked lots of questions.  Sharon was very knowledgeable and kept the programs and information tailored to our age grouping.  Best part were the drone selfies! Would definitely recommend her drone presentations and programs to anyone interested in drones. We can’t wait to have her back for flying lessons and coding of drones!”  Courtney – Girl Scouts

“Sharon, thank you so much for visiting us & speaking with our TechGYRLS during our Summer Tech Academy.  First and foremost, having a successful woman of color speaking from a place of confidence, competence & expertise gives the students that I instruct an example & inspiration for what their futures can potentially be. I am eternally grateful that you were able to convey to our girls so many of the possible careers our students can have in the drone industry. Your presentation perfectly aligned with the goals of our Summer Tech Academy & we welcome you to come back again in the future.”   David – YWCA Metropolitan Chicago