Developing an industry benchmark for diversity

In a recent commentary on the electric vertical take off and landing (eVTOL) industry, Mike Hirschberg, Executive Director at the Vertical Flight Society discussed the impending “talent crisis.” The potential shortage in engineers alone could set the industry back years. We need to inspire a diverse talent pool to enter into this and related aerospace career fields, and then retain that talent. That’s exactly what Women and Drones, whose network brings together women from around the globe to connect and succeed in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industries, hopes to do.

The first step in addressing any issue is to fully understand it. For this reason, Women and Drones seeks your valuable inputs to help establish the United States Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) baseline status within the UAS and AAM sector through its first ever DEI Survey. In collaboration with P3 Tech Consulting (whose CEO also leads the Women and Drones Women to Watch Global Awards program) and the Diversity Development Network of Canada (DDNC), the company seeks to understand the current DEI benchmark, develop a sector DEI White Paper, identify resources to support UAS/AAM business’ and organization’s DEI development and implementation, and create and provide programs of value for industry.

“People are busy and we appreciate that. Still, we hope that all UAS/AAM stakeholders, at every level will share their perspectives and provide input,” explained Sharon Rossmark, Women and Drones CEO. “Please take a few minutes to complete this foundational survey. Your input is critical to the selection and development of meaningful programs and initiatives, and ultimately, to sustain and grow the industry.”

Marlene Conway Diels, DDNC President, who has created similar surveys and programs of value in Canada, footstomps that all survey responses will be kept confidential. “Survey responses will be aggregated,” she said. “We take your privacy seriously and want you to feel comfortable providing us frank and accurate information.”

As if the cause itself were not worthy enough to take a few minutes to provide a survey response, as a carrot, the team has added an incentive. “We greatly appreciate your participation in this survey. Each group of 50 individual responses will be entered into a drawing for a free $50 Amazon gift card,” Dawn Zoldi, CEO of P3 Tech Consulting mentioned. “Additionally, all respondents will receive the survey synthesis.”

The survey opens Friday, August 6th and will close out on Friday, August 27, 2021. Fill out the survey here: Survey Link

For further information, please contact Kaye Browne at; Dawn Zoldi at or Marlene Conway Diels at for further information or assistance.