Fireside Chat Live from South Africa with Louise Jupp & Kim James
Thursday October 6, 2022

5:30 pm  Johannesburg, South Africa
9:30 am EST  / 10:30 am CST / 8:30 am PT (USA)

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Nkosinomusa Mubayiwa

Aeronautical Engineer

The drone or unmanned aviation space is fast evolving. It is the future, whether we like or not, whether  we embrace it or not, It is here to stay.

Being one who was once allergic to drones, I mistakenly fell in love with them not too long ago and made a conscious decision to apply my manned aviation knowledge experience and expertise to revolutionise the drone design space in Africa. The plan is to use maintenance and reliability data from current operators to design drones for the African market, by the exceptional African talent for use in Africa.

Nkosinomusa will also talk about her volunteering role at the African leaders in Aviation, whose mandate is to make the skies pinker one girl at a time and change the narrative one young person at a time by inspiring young girls to take up careers in Avi -STEM.

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