The Canadian Drone Institute is proud to announce a newly formed partnership with Women and Drones.  With this partnership, we would like to welcome Sharon Rossmark, CEO Women And Drones & FAA Certified Remote Pilot to our advisory board.

The framework of the partnership is not only to expand and reach more women who need guidance, support and empowerment in a male dominated industry, but to also build the capacity and contributions of both organizations. This partnership will also work to bridge the gap between international drone piloting organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

About The Canadian Drone Institute

The Canadian Drone Institute offers online self-study Drone training courses to help you pass the Advanced and Basic Drone pilot exams through Transport Canada.

The Advanced and The Basic curriculum has been written by our Team of Transport Canada licensed Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) and our Transport Canada Flight Instructors. Our curriculum is very extensive and is presented in a series of 8 PDFs that are up to date with the new June 1st, Transport Canada 2019 Canadian Aviation Regulations or CARs.

Both courses help prepare you to pass your Advanced Drone (UAV – RPAS) pilot and Basic exams through the Transport Canada portal. The Canadian Drone Institute is listed on the Transport Canada website as a compliant resource for advanced drone pilot certification exam preparation.

About Women And Drones

Women And Drones is the leading organization dedicated to driving excellence in the unmanned industry by achieving equity and participation of women in all disciplines and across all employment sectors. Through and social media as well as participation in international drone conference events, Women And Drones is connecting, highlighting and growing female participation in the industry.

Women And Drones educational and outreach efforts include books and programs for children, especially girls, to encourage interest in drone technology and other STEM subjects.