Fireside Chat Live from South Africa with Louise Jupp & Kim James
Thursday November 2, 2023

5:30 pm  Johannesburg, South Africa
11:30 am EST  / 10:30 am CST / 8:30 am PT (USA)

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Tiamiyou Radji

Senegal Flying Labs

The audience will gain a comprehensive understanding of Senegal Flying Labs’ pivotal role in addressing social challenges through the strategic integration of robotics and AI technologies. They will learn about our commitment to sustainability, responsibility, and meaningful impact. Furthermore, attendees will discover how accurate data, facilitated by drones and robotics, empowers decision-making across various socio-economic contexts in Senegal. This includes crucial areas like natural disaster response, biodiversity conservation, agriculture, remote medication delivery, and land use planning.

Our presentation will also highlight our diverse range of services, from drone certification training to specialized knowledge in field data acquisition and processing through drone surveys. The audience will be introduced to our pilot projects in vital sectors such as environment, agriculture, and public health. Additionally, they will learn about the positive impact of our initiatives in creating job opportunities, particularly for youth and isolated populations.

In acknowledging the underrepresentation of women in our sessions, we aim to engage the audience in a discussion on how to address and rectify this gap. Our motto, “if there is a solution, we will find it,” underlines our unwavering commitment to finding innovative and effective ways to overcome challenges and make a meaningful impact in Senegal’s socio-economic landscape.

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