Fireside Chat Live from South Africa with Louise Jupp & Kim James
Thursday December 1, 2022

5:30 pm  Johannesburg, South Africa
9:30 am EST  / 9:30 am CST / 7:30 am PT (USA)

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Dr. Jabuile Msimango-Galawe

Entrepreneur, Business & Executive Coach
Author of Dear Mr Entrepreneurship

In my experience as a coach I have observed with a sore heart how great women do not believe in their greatness and cheat themselves out of living a great life. Women shy away from big opportunities, and that keeps them lagging behind compared to their counterparts. And we need to start having the conversations that will make us look inwardly than always looking at external factors that hinders us.

Lets learn how we can manage this and venture into our greatness

Join us for virtual networking live from South Africa

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