Trailblazing Women In The African Drone Industry

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We are excited to launch out first international chapter of Women and Drones for Africa!

Our goal is to continue the mission of Women and Drones to raise awareness of the roles women are playing in the African drone industry; to inspire and support their greater involvement in the drone industry across Africa.

Why Africa?

We have seen the establishment of the world’s largest drone delivery service, Zipline, in East and West Africa for the transportation of medical supplies. Other humanitarian drone corridors have been set up in Malawi and Sierre Leone in partnership with UNICEF.   The Lake Victoria Challenge to address transportation challenges has grown into the African Drone Forum to include: flying competitions; business challenges; a regulators summit to promote the harmonization of drone regulations; unmanned traffic management showcases; and training opportunities.

South Africa has seen the recent founding of the Drone Council to facilitate the expansion of the drone industry, with one of its objectives to promote a more balanced involvement of women.

Flying Labs, which builds a network of local knowledge hubs for drone technology, data and AI is also expanding across Africa and currently has 18 Flying Labs focusing on a range of applications such as disaster management, agriculture, land use planning and disease management. The Kenya Flying Labs was the recipient of the Women and Drones 2020 Humanitarian Team Award for their work in developing a cholera surveillance program and providing cellphone coverage in refugee camps using drones.

There are also a multitude of examples of champions for ‘drones for good’ bringing the benefits of drone technology to farmers, town planners, conservationists and disaster management – many of whom are women.

On these solid foundations lies the opportunity for inspiring more women and girls to enter the African drone industry by showcasing these pioneering women entrepreneurs, pilots, program managers and professionals from across the African continent.

Showcasing the trailblazing women in the African drone industry

Our video interview series capture women explaining why and how they became involved in the drone industry, the challenges they encountered and over came and opportunities they see for women now and in the future.

They also offer advice for girls and women who might be interested in the drone industry. 

Join our Fireside Chats hosted by Kim James & Louise Jupp

Online networking session the 1st Thursday of each month via Zoom

Your opportunity to meet other women in the industry

Our Fireside Chats with Louise will provide an opportunity for women to connect with each other across the continent.

Each Fireside Chat will feature a guest speaker from the drone industry, offering insights on the industry, case studies, services offered, best practice guidance and similar topics of interest.


Fireside Chat sessions are free and open to everyone!


Join us the First Thursday of each month at: 

17:30 hours (South African Standard Time) 

Meet Louise Jupp – Women and Drones Africa Advisor

Author, Licensed Drone Pilot, Instructor and Speaker
East London, South Africa

Terreco Aviation is a consultancy for the professional use of drones in agriculture and sustainable land management community.

Louise is a qualified drone pilot and licensed drone instructor providing theoretical and practical training for pilot licensing.

Louise also actively promotes the professional drone industry, through collaborative books that bring together global experts to showcase their experience, and raises awareness of the value of drone systems for agriculture and sustainable land management through public speaking.

Meet Kim James – Women and Drones Africa Advisor

Kim is the Director of the SACAA-certified drone operation at UAV Aerial Works and the company’s drone security brand, Drone Guards, as well as the regulatory Safety and Security post holder for UAV Aerial Works. She is based in Johannesburg, South Africa

UAV Aerial Works delivers actionable data to clients through the use of aerial drones.  The company staff includes drone pilots, engineers, software developers and data scientists. UAV Aerial Works provides regulated aerial services and data outputs to improve business processes.

Her company Drone Guards provides drone enable security to have eyes in the sky and stay steps ahead of criminals.

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