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As a Nonprofit member you can expand the visibility of your organization. We understand the importance of having a strong viable business consultant and project partner. Engage us as your business consultant on the development of your grant applications and the execution of implementing your grant.

Nonprofit Organization Membership

$40/yr USD

Nonprofit Member Benefits*


  • Complimentary press release announcing your membership
  • Complimentary logo posting on Women And Drones Member website
  • Complimentary posting of your thought leadership articles on
  • Expand your brand visibility by partnering with us at industry conferences
  • Promote relevant events and news items through our digital media platforms
  • Discount on your Career Center job postings
  • Partner with us to develop industry white papers and e-books
  • Explore opportunities to share industry research reports & labor market information
  • We can assist with identifying speakers for your conferences

*Membership fees listed in USD
*Membership benefits are subject to change
*Membership fees are non-refundable
*Availability of benefits varies by location