Chicago, IL – Women and Drones, the leading organization dedicated to promoting and supporting women in the uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industries, is proud to announce Clint Harper as the recipient of the 2023 Girl Dad of the Year award. This award recognizes fathers who actively support and encourage their daughters’ pursuit of their passions and dreams.

Clint Harper, an Advanced Air Mobility Community Integration Advocate based in Utah, stands out as a deserving recipient of this honor. As a father of four daughters, Harper is committed to fostering an environment where his daughters can explore their interests freely. He believes in empowering his daughters to follow their unique passions and advocates for equal opportunities and universal respect.

Harper is the proud father of Adriauna (18), Amirah (16), Alyvia (13), and Ciaira (10). When asked about his approach to parenting, Harper says, “I try to foster an environment of empowerment. They are all still young, so I do my best to avoid pressuring them into aviation but instead encourage them to follow their unique passions. Whenever they do show curiosity about my work in aviation, I ensure they understand that they can be a part of it all.

I emphasize that they can do so without feeling tied to labels like ‘tech’ or ‘’STEM’. These labels do not resonate with them, despite our intention of making these fields inclusive and welcoming to anyone curious about problem-solving and creativity. By removing the intimidation associated with these labels, we empower more talented kids to explore, discover their passions, and contribute uniquely.”

With an impressive 24-year background in aviation, including expertise in infrastructure and operations, Harper brings a dynamic skill set to the emerging field of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). His career in the U.S. Air Force laid the foundation for his expertise, and he further enhanced his knowledge by earning a Master of City & Metropolitan Planning degree, as well as a graduate certificate in Urban Design. Harper’s educational journey allowed him to explore innovative concepts in community-centric aviation planning, which now informs his work in AAM.

Harper strongly believes in the integration of AAM with existing transportation options and land use strategies options emphasizing the importance of collaboration and community engagement. His goal is to create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where his daughters feel free to explore their interests and develop a genuine love for aviation, should they choose to do so, on their own terms. He says, “As a proud Indigenous voice in the AAM sphere, I carry my family-rooted inspiration into a space craving balance and diversity.”

Women and Drones congratulates Clint Harper on being named the 2023 Girl Dad of the Year and applauds his unwavering commitment to fostering inclusion in the aviation industry.

About the Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies Awards:
Since 2017 Women and Drones has recognized the trailblazers, innovators, mentors, and business leaders who are making significant contributions to the UAS/AAM industry. Each year the company runs a global search for the women and organizations who are inspiring innovations and solutions, positively shaping the public perceptions of UAS/AAM technology, empowering more women to enter the industry as well as advocating for more inclusive practices in STEM and aviation. The individual awards are designed to acknowledge and inspire women who are driving change and leading the emerging aviation industry closer to gender parity. The company awards acknowledge organizations that in their pursuit of excellence, have a culture of inclusiveness where women are engaged in key roles leadership positions of the organization.