Women and Drones and NPS-DDP are proud to announce their partnership supporting the Women and Drones STEM outreach program. This partnership will provide drone access to students to enhance their knowledge base. As new technology comes in and older drones get shelved, recycling donated drones will assist STEM programs across the country.

Women and Drones is the leading membership organization dedicated to driving excellence in the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) industries with a core mission “To increase female participation in the economic opportunities of the industry.” Through voluntary donations from the private, corporate, and community sectors, NPS-DDP seeks to provide public safety departments nationwide with UAV/UAS technology with their mission to provide “Eyes in the Sky for Every Department in Need.”

For more information about the partnership for STEM Education, visit:  About our Partnership

While NPS-DDP appreciates each donation received from both private and corporate sectors, these donations may not be sufficient for deployment into the field. The strategic partnership between Women and Drones and NPS-DDP will afford the opportunity to launch and implement the Drones for Education program that will assist Women and Drones in procuring the technology for this program.

For more information about the program and apply for one of our Drones for STEM Education, visit:
Partnering to Support STEM