Chicago, IL – September 20, 2022

Women and Drones the premier global platform for women in the UAS (Drone) and AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) industries, is proud to announce their partnership with Girls Who Chase (GWC), a global women in storm chasing initiative based in Colorado, U.S.

According to the latest Federal Aviation Administration statistics, women make up only 7.6 percent of all certified remote pilots in the United States.  The gender imbalance is just as significant for Storm Chasers – people who pursue severe weather like tornados or hurricanes in order to aid in warning coordination and provide on-the-ground information, collect scientific data such as wind speed and direction, and provide content such as photos and videos.

Girls Who Chase was founded by Jen Walton to highlight underrecognized female participation and important contributions in the weather community. “I see so many amazing synergies with W&D where together we can bring new content and training to help storm chasers, weather experts and women in STEM elevate their work and respond in important situations” she says. “I very much look forward to working with W&D to bring our mutual visions of a world of empowered and informed women in STEM, to fruition.”

Women and Drones and GWC are combining resources for the common goal of closing the gap on the gender imbalance.  By offering training sessions on drone use in weather events and increasing visibility for females in the field, the hope is to inspire more women and girls to pursue weather science and related STEM careers.

Women and Drones CEO Sharon Rossmark says it’s a perfect match up. “The partnership offers a great opportunity to create new learning opportunities and collaboration for our respective networks. I know our network will find the possibilities of using drones for storm chasing a fascinating new field to explore.”

About Girls Who Chase:

Girls Who Chase is a global initiative to inspire, empower and equip girls and women to pursue storms, the sciences, and their passions. Our vision is a world where girls and women know they can do anything and be anything they want. To join us and for more information, go to

About Women and Drones:

Women And Drones is the leading membership organization dedicated to driving excellence in the uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry by advocating for female participation in this dynamic segment of the global economy. We partner with companies committed to an inclusive culture where women can thrive. Our educational programs range from kindergarten to career in efforts to balance the gender equation in the industry now, as well as for the future of flight.

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