(Hartford, CT) – June 23, 2021 – From Dell and IBM to Microsoft and AT&T, the nation’s largest corporations employ agile manufacturing to get products to customers quickly, efficiently and superiorly.  Now, Aquiline Drones has become the first company to apply the agile manufacturing process to the production of commercial-grade, American-made drones.  The drone creator and cloud solutions provider recently launched its proprietary Aquiline Agile Manufacturing Pod (AMP), a portable, high-tech workstation that can be installed in homes, businesses and other settings to address the growing demand for drone services in the country.

“There’s no arguing the spike in drone industry growth that has occurred in the last few years,” said Barry Alexander, Founder and CEO of Aquiline Drones. “In fact, according to Insider Intelligence, the drone services market size is expected to grow to $63.6 billion by 2025 with consumer drone shipments hitting 29 million by the end of 2021.  These statistics, combined with President Biden’s recent announcement to use drones as part of his sweeping infrastructure plan, create a dire need for a sustainable supply of American-manufactured, commercial drone products.”

Alexander further iterates the importance of keeping drone manufacturing close to home, “Using foreign made drones to inspect our nation’s critical infrastructure, exposes it to potential cybersecurity breaches.  We’re creating high-tech job opportunities for everyone, while redefining manufacturing in a post-COVID world,” he adds.

Since December, AD has been manufacturing its own drone models SPARTACUS MAX and SPARTACUS HURRICANE at its Hartford, Conn. headquarters, but with its new mobile drone technology pod, the company is giving everyone a chance at becoming a manufacturing technician from then comfort and convenience of their own home.

As with any agile manufacturing system, AD’s AMP is designed to deliver top-quality products to customers locally, while responding quickly to changing needs and market demands through its modular template, information technology and knowledge culture.

Specifically, each mobile AMP workspace transforms any area into a mini manufactory center in less than one day. Units can house 1-3 workers and come equipped with a 3-D printer, tools, electronic components, hardware, and partitions. All AMP operators receive detailed instructions and guidance through the AD Cloud, an artificial intelligence (AI) system that streamlines inventory, quality control and shipping.

“Through our unique AD Cloud-based system, AMP owners can now perform specific tasks in one day rather than weeks and make it possible to manufacture a drone within an 8-hour period of time,” said Alexander.  “AMP appeals to those seeking a solid, work-from-home, employment solution in the micro-manufacturing sector.”

Alexander notes that AD will then purchase AMP-produced drones directly from the owner, paying $200-$1,000 depending on the particular drone model.

Each AMP costs $15,000 for all necessary hardware and software and a certified AD technician physically installs the palletized and scalable unit it to ensure successful drone production.

“In our new on-demand economy, agile workspaces are becoming a necessity to combat the struggle of work-life balance,” adds Alexander.  “For a one-time equipment and set-up fee, individuals and businesses will generate a long-term, high-yielding revenue stream.”

What’s more, the modular AMP is truly agile – it can become a permanent installation or re-packaged and moved to another location such as people’s homes, apartment buildings, community centers, schools or empty warehouses.

AD is utilizing MakerspaceCT, a non-profit, tech incubator located in Hartford, Conn., to assist with all AMP logistics including assembly, packaging and shipping.

“Our sophisticated, yet simple system brings the work center to people wherever they reside – in cities, suburbs or rural areas,” concludes Alexander. “It breaks down the barriers of travel, accessibility and inclusivity as anyone – regardless of gender, race, and ability – can now manufacture at home and achieve financial independence.”

AD will soon be accepting pre-orders online through its info@aquilinedrones.com portal.

Similar to AD’s established Flight to the Future (www.flighttothefuture.com) online drone pilot training and small business ownership program, AMP is yet another career option that gives customers tremendous value over the cost of starting a small business in a burgeoning industry.

About Aquiline Drones

Aquiline Drones is the leading American drone company founded by highly experienced aviators, systems engineers, and IT gurus.  With a customer-centric model, US-based manufacturing, and world-class MRO services, the company offers innovative ways of using drones in commercial activities. Supported by a dedicated UAV cloud, autonomous drone operations with real-time control, and dynamic on-field decision-making capabilities, Aquiline Drones’ full-spectrum of technological solutions provide increased applicability across countless industries and environments by delivering real-time data insights. Aerospace-compliant processes for software, hardware manufacturing, and systems integration, along with best-in-class mission capabilities, are being planned and designed. The company continues to forge relationships with federal, state, and private organizations, developing and collaboratively launching new drone applications. Visit www.AquilineDrones.com for more information and follow all exciting company news and updates on AD’s social platforms.