2021 Women to Watch Global Awards

Honoring Outstanding Achievements in the Drone Industry

You are invited to submit a nomination to help us determine this year’s individual and team honorees Make a difference in the UAS/UAM/AAM industries by helping us acknowledge and celebrate the incredible women and teams who are leading the way for all of us!

Denise Soesilo, Switzerland (2020 Leadership Award Honoree)


The Women And Drones Global Awards

Since 2017 we have recognized the trailblazers, innovators, mentors and business leaders who are making significant contributions to the industry. The individual awards are designed to acknowledge and inspire women who are driving change and shaping the drone industry. In creating this recognition, we aim to raise the profile of women doing amazing work in UAS, UAM and AAM arenas. The two team awards acknowledge organizations that in their pursuit of excellence embrace diversity and have a culture of inclusiveness where women are engaged in key or leadership roles within their organization or team.

Thanks to our sponsors the 2021 Women To Watch Global Awards will recognize honorees in the categories of:

The Sabrewing Aircraft Leadership Award

The Iris Automation Entrepreneurship Award

The Skydio Public Safety/Service Award

The Unmanned Safety Institute Education Award

The Volatus Aerospace
Innovation Team Award

The FoxFury
Team Spotlight Award

Anne Nderitu, Kenya (2020 Humanitarian Team Award Honoree)

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We’re Accepting Nominations!

We are in search of women and teams who are making an impact in unmanned aviation. You are invited to submit a nomination that will help us determine our 2021 honorees. InterDrone will once again be our host sponsor for the Women To Watch Global Awards. The honorees will be recognized live during the 2021 InterDrone conference in Dallas, TX.

Nomination forms must be submitted by 11:59 pm CST on Friday May 14, 2021.

Our panel of international judges will determine the 2021 honorees. Honorees will receive a $500 micro-grant and trophy. Honorees will also be invited to receive their awards in person during the 2021 InterDrone Conference in Dallas, TX.

Judging Criteria for the Awards

Role Model


Shaping the Industry

Driving Change

If you have questions about our 2021 Women To Watch Global Awards initiative or experience any issues while submitting a nomination contact: WTW2021@WomenAndDrones.com.

2020 Honorees (clockwise)
Susan Minne, USA (Public Safety Award)
Sonja Betschart, Switzerland (Global Ambassador Award)
Raquel Molina, Brazil (Entrepreneurship Award)
Kaye North, Australia (Education Award)

Women to Watch Global Awards 2021 Fund
For our 5th Anniversary Year, we will provide these amazing women with a micro-grant for the first time.

Brett Balint – Onward and Upward


Peter Schmidt – Transcend Aero
Jack Elston – Black Swift Technologies
Mike DiCosola – Drone Industry Systems Corp.
Chris Hurst – Drone Sense



Ian Annase – Zing Drone Delivery
Richard Nichols – Airwards
Lien Nguyen
Amanda Lawson


Photo credit: UPS Flight Forward Team, Our 2020 Innovation Award Honoree


Who is eligible for the individual categories?

Any woman working in the UAS/UAM/AAM industries

What are the criteria?

The individual and team nominees must be actively engaged in the UAS/UAM/AAM industries. Nominees for the team category must have at least one woman actively involved on the team or in a leadership position.

Who is eligible for the team/company awards?

Any team/company in the UAS/UAM/AAM industry.

What are the categories for nominations?

  • The Sabrewing Aircraft Leadership Award
  • The Unmanned Safety Institute Education Award
  • The Iris Automation Entrepreneurship Award
  • The Skydio Public Safety/Service Award
  • The Volatus Aerospace Innovation Award (Team/Company)
  • The FoxFury Spotlight Award (Team/Company)

Can I nominate an individual or team in more than one category?

Yes! An individual or team can be nominated in more than one category however, each nomination requires a separate online entry submission.

What’s the deadline for nominations?

11:59 pm CST Friday, May 14, 2021

Can I nominate myself?


Can my nomination be submitted via email?

No. Only nominations submitted via the online nomination form will be accepted.

How do I nominate someone?

Simply complete the online nomination form and submit it no later than Friday, May 14, 2021 at 11:59 pm CST.

Do I have to be a Women And Drones member to participate?

No. Membership is not a requirement of the Women To Watch Global Awards program.

How can I support the Women To Watch Global Awards initiative?

We would be honored to have you donate to our Fundly campaign: https://fundly.com/women-to-watch-global-awards-2021-fund.

Can a woman who has been featured on the Women And Drones website be nominated?

Yes! Featured interviews are open to any woman in the industry who wants to share their story in hopes of inspiring others. The “Women To Watch Global Awards” is a separate process. It requires a submission of the nomination form. Finalists will be selected by the “2021 Women To Watch 2019” judges.

Can previous honorees be nominated?

YES! Previous honorees will be considered if involved in a venture different from one that was previously recognized. 

In recognizing the achievements of a few, we hope to motivate many.

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2021 Eligibility, Submission Requirements and Rules